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Latex Curriculum Vitae is a simple solution for writing job applications. Using LaTEX, you can produce, compile, and send beautiful documents directly within the app. Latex Curriculum Vitae also allows you to manage the current status of submitted applications. Users only need a Windows 10 computer and a basic knowledge of LaTEX---all other dependencies are bundled by the release.


2021-03-24: LCV 0.9.1

Latex Curriculum Vitae 0.9.1 has been released. Release Information.

2020-10-18: LCV 0.9.0

Latex Curriculum Vitae 0.9.0 has been released. Release Information.


Automated, high-quality job applications

Latex Curriculum Vitae supports out-of-the-box automated writing of job applications. For rendering and producing PDFs, the software uses a prepared bundle of LaTEX files.

Storage of user information

You only have to enter your name, address, and other personal information to Latex Cirriculum Vitae once. LaTEX then stores and uses this information for each future application. If you need to make any changes, simply use the implemented Window to easily manage and update your information.

Fast production

Latex Curriculum Vitae uses the delivered LaTEX files for quickly generating your new applications.

Direct email or form uploads

In the case of writing to a company via email, simply enter the email address in the app's email field. Latex Cirriculum Vitae will send an email immediately after finishing the LaTEX compiling process. For your reference, the app also automatically sends you a copy in BCC. If you need to upload an application via a company's application form, leave the email field empty. Windows Explorer will then start, showing your documents and where to upload them.

Manage the current status of your open applications

Latex Curriculum Vitae automatically exports the data of each new application to a CSV file that is readable and compatible with the most calc programs. This file is database implemented, allowing you to manage the current application status.


Latex Curriculum Vitae is available in English and German.

All open source

Latex Curriculum Vitae is licensed under GPL 3.0.


I happily accept community donations. Any support helps to fund future work on this project.